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Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

A Franchising project??

Exactly, even if today's truth tells us that there are many shoe store chains in Italy. The main problem is that however practically 90% of them are in all respects copies of themselves, with the only result that people do nothing but get confused in front of a rather saturated offer of poorly made products and made in the name of low-cost production.

In the meantime, the true fans of the artisan product no longer know who to turn to because there are no valid alternatives. Well you must know that in this context our Due Lune brand is becoming a real point of reference on the Italian territory.

To date, we are the only company in the sector to carry out all production phases from cutting to finishing in its own laboratory, located in the Marche region. Furthermore, we are the only ones to manage their own sales network directly, in order to guarantee an unrivaled service to the customer.

Our method

We have created our very personal formula which contemplates the opening of authentic "company outlets" in the area, the creation of a team of real artisan footwear experts who can contribute to our ambitious project of spreading the "beauty and well-made" of the real Made in Italy, to be proposed as a winning card to differentiate ourselves from the competition!

This is why we are looking for new collaborations with partners who want to open franchises with us. We know what you are thinking: this term often arouses a bit of fear because, at least from the point of view of the franchisee, we almost always tend to see only the negative aspects of the project, which is seen as expensive or which requires special guarantees.

But we want to reassure you immediately: if your dream is to finally bring the real Marche artisan footwear to your city with us you can make it without too many thoughts! We are not inflexible and we certainly do not ask for absurd guarantees. The only thing we want is to be supported by partners who blindly believe in our philosophy and who fully apply it. This is because we are truly able to offer something different than all the competition.

So if you have a valid idea to propose, we will be happy to hear from you!

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