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Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

Son passati oltre 45 anni dal primo contatto con il mondo della calzatura per Franco Zamponi, che in una piccola bottega di Monte San Giusto, paesino fra le colline maceratesi, proprio in giovanissima età iniziava ad apprendere un mestiere davvero affascinante.

Just to tell something more about what might seem, at least apparently, a small provincial reality, it is enough to say that Monte San Giusto, perhaps the first true artisan homeland of Macerata footwear art, at the turn of the 70s and 80s was capable to offer something like more than 3000 jobs in the footwear sector alone.

At the time, it was common use, in the summer period and in schools now closed, to host young children, increasingly attracted to the working world, in the workshops and workshops of the artisans.

In the beginning the tasks assigned to them were not very stimulating: often before being able to touch a shoe or at least the tools of the trade, the laborers, too inexperienced and feverish, could only take care of cleaning the garage or laboratory, observing the masters at the 'operates in strict silence. Only the most deserving and determined were given the opportunity to learn: gradually and patiently they were taught the techniques and some secrets of the trade.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

The begin

Not yet of age Franco, right after a long period of apprenticeship in the laboratories of Monte San Giulsto, thanks to the help of his brothers who allowed him to start the business, he launched himself headlong into the world of entrepreneurship thus managing to fulfill the dream of having a his own shoe factory.
From the small laboratory to the real industrial reality: Franco, who at the time could boast of being one of the youngest industrialists in Macerata in his career, in 1978 decided to initially establish the production site in Monte San Giusto and dedicated himself, thanks to the request of era, to the production of the first Poles and men's boots.
However, his training course did not stop and indeed continued in the following years thanks to the entry into his life of a particularly charismatic character who profoundly characterized his professional maturation.
At the end of the 1980s Franco came into contact with various footwear realities in the Romagna area of ​​San Mauro Pascoli, which at the time boasted already established companies in the sector and in one of these, Pollini, he met Felice Savani, considered at the time the '”The eclectic par excellence of the Sammaurese shoe” and the man who symbolizes Italy's economic miracle.
A character who oversaw the collections of the Pollini brand in the 1960s, as well as historic companies in the district such as Succi, Zamagni and Gori, until in 1979 he obtained the license to distribute the Nazareno Gabrielli brand throughout Italy.
From those years, Franco remembers with genuine esteem and affection all the teachings and guidelines dictated to him by the one who he believed to be, as well as a professional reference, also a teacher of life and a true friend.

The 90s

Aided by a certain decline in the men's footwear market, an important corporate turning point took place in the mid-1990s: the production of women's shoes began.
Two apparently similar worlds but light years apart on a technical level; new structures and new machinery became necessary and the stylistic approach to modeling was completely upset to meet the new needs.
Only thanks to the tenacity and passion for his profession, with a technical background that is certainly respectable and with the experience gained over the years, Franco was able to face the new challenge.
And it was precisely the choice to devote itself almost exclusively to the production of women's shoes that allowed the company, in the years to come, to be noticed by national and international operators in the fashion sector.
Brands such as Pollini, Vicini, Giuseppe Zanotti, Ferrè, Cavalli and Extè were just a few that allowed us to realize their prestigious productions, thus allowing us to define their own maturation in terms of know-how.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

The '00s and the birth of the Due Lune brand

In the following years, following the growing requests from relatives and family friends, the company (which in the meantime has moved to Corridonia, also in the province of Macerata) approaches direct sales for the first time.
Franco thus decides to open a first shop in front of the factory. Originally, the proposed products were nothing more than inventories or items with some production flaw.
Well, even with a limited choice of items and despite the small shop being located in a remote street of an industrial area, not too populous, the results were so surprising that Franco immediately understood what would be the right path to take in the following years. .
In fact, with word of mouth people began to know us more and more and he noticed that in our store, a little "loser" in appearance, great products were actually hiding.
Thus it was that a few years later, in 2005 to be exact, having glimpsed the prospect of significant growth, the first corporate brand entirely dedicated to its collections was born.
The brand, Due Lune, takes its name from two wedges of the moon that can be traced back to Franco's two daughters, Carla and Natalia, and its identity is becoming increasingly popular among fans of handcrafted shoes.
A close turn is then decided to finally move the small hidden shop to a larger room, located in a busier street. In 2006 the first official company shop under the "Due Lune" banner was inaugurated, also located in Corridonia and which still represents the beating heart of our company today.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy


Our production plant covers about 2700 square meters in the industrial area of ​​Corridonia and the Due Lune points of sale are present in the Marche, Umbria, Emilia Romagna, Lazio and Piedmont regions.
The Due Lune brand, with a purely feminine imprint, is also accompanied by the Big Rig and Stile a Mano men's collections.
The choice to be present on the market today with our company outlets is the result of the desire to come into direct contact with people: this has allowed us to learn that, despite living in a world now saturated with products of all kinds and for all pockets, there are still many people who are sensitive to the theme of Made in Italy, at least as we understand it.
Certainly a fascinating theme but today more than ever worthy of special attention; because if on the one hand some see Made in Italy only as a "luxury", there are people who simply would like to find those realities that allow them to test again, in these times certainly a bit dark, of the beauty and the well-made that gives always distinguishes our country.
Precisely for this reason we turn to those who want to go beyond the product itself; we also want to reach those people who still manage to be fascinated by human stories, by the story of the passions that drive man's work and who, for this reason, will surely be captivated by the mastery and skill of the artisan.


For all our items, made entirely in Italy using only top quality leathers, we have always relied on techniques and craftsmanship linked to the Marche footwear tradition.

We personally take care of every aspect and every step of the production of our creations, which combine style with a technical realization of absolute value. The use of innovative materials, used for both men's and women's collections, has allowed us to propose different trendy lines without compromising on longevity and comfort.

Some of our finest creations are made through high-level workmanship such as:

  • Ideal
  • Blake
  • the "bag" technique
  • Goodyear, the flagship of "Stile a Mano" brand men's production

Made in Italy

In 2006, with the birth of the Due Lune brand and the opening of our first company store, despite the first difficulties due to the economic crisis, we conceived a project, perhaps ambitious, based on the desire to spread the culture of the artisan product to the public and of the true Made in Italy, offering the true enthusiast unique creations that belong to our all-Italian history.
Exclusively Italian labor: a choice to protect Made in Italy and Italian work.
Numerous companies have made a choice by deciding to move labor and offices abroad; we prefer to continue investing resources exclusively in Italy, hoping to be able to help feed an economic system made up of people like us, who care about our country and who are happy with the idea that we can go forward in a sustainable way.


choose us

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

The only reality that brings true Marche artisan shoes to your home

Our motto is "From the factory to you": this means that all our creations are designed and made in our laboratory. Then, within a few days, they reach our company outlets. No further steps, no expense that inflates the final price. It's just us, our shoes and you.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

True Made in Italy

Entering one of our company outlets is like being catapulted into the middle of our laboratory, smelling the good scent of the skin and walking between the different departments. This is the feeling we want to convey to you: we have been making footwear for a lifetime, if you have looked for us it is because you want the artisan quality of true Made in Italy and you know that we can give it to you.

Satisfied customers

Those who know us and choose us every day know that we are the only point of reference in Italy for those who want to consciously buy only shoes strictly in genuine leather, handcrafted and that are not only comfortable but also embody the essence of "beautiful and well fact ”typical of the authentic Made in Italy. Forget once and for all those products of dubious origin which the world is now saturated with and which even put the health of the feet at risk and finally choose something that is really worth having.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

Simple shoe shops? Not, much more.

We know that nowadays it has become practically impossible to find truly competent trained people in a shoe store. Imagine someone willing to seriously help you when choosing your new pair of shoes ... That's why we wanted to bring all the experience of our craftsmen directly to our company outlets: we are the only ones who know from A to Z all the features and peculiarities of each model and we know what are the aspects that influence fit and comfort.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

Right shoe the first time? Yes with us!

You will finally be able to try on any style and genre and be sure you can wear it comfortably every time. How? Thanks to a unique and complete service, guaranteed thanks to the continuous contact of our staff with the factory: whether it is to add a strap, change an insole or widen a pair of shoes, we are prepared for any eventuality and even, in the vast majority of cases, we will do the work directly in the shop!

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

New arrivals every week

Unlike other shoe store chains (which usually order collections from suppliers well in advance and often sell items that do not reflect the real climatic needs of the moment) in our company outlets the offer is enriched with new items every week. Over the weekend you will be able to discover the new models made by our artisans, just arrived directly from our factory.

Is there not your size?

No problem! If the size you are looking for is not immediately available in the store, you can always order it without obligation and receive it within a few days thanks to our delivery round.

Our collections

Feminine shoes for every need and style. Comfortable and always customizable.

Research and innovation in materials and shapes. A men's collection suitable for the contemporary man.

Timeless men's footwear made with extremely fine artisan techniques.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

Only genuine leather

With us you will no longer have any doubts: the upper, lining and insole of all our shoes are made exclusively of genuine leather, guaranteeing safety and well-being for you and your feet. And if you ever have allergic problems, we will find a pair that suits your needs, without problems.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

LIFETIME warranty

Yes, you read that right. To never regret your choice, if you notice that there is something wrong with your pair of shoes, you can come back to us at any time and you will always be entitled to our special, total and unconditional guarantee, which will fully cover the defect. found.

Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy
Due Lune Calzature - Calzature artigianali Made in Italy

Here's what we offer you: shoe repaired or we'll give you a new one!

We challenge you to find a chain of shoe stores capable of giving you a similar guarantee. Only by being able to rely on a true artisan reality like ours can we go so far. And if we do it, it is because we are absolutely convinced that our customers deserve our unconditional and mutual trust over time.